Deciding Between Your Well Being and Your Planet

For me, being less wasteful has been a slow process that is still happening. So far there are plenty of things I’ve gotten rid of, stopped buying, or replaced with less wasteful options.

But what about the things that you don’t want to give up? How do you decide if it’s worth keeping or worth getting rid of? Well, that’s completely up to you. You should never feel bad about saying “I can’t get rid of the hand soap I use that comes in plastic bottle”. That’s completely okay.

There are more than a few things that I realized I can’t do without or substitute. Some I’m just saying no to and some I’ve tried replacements that just didn’t work for me or my family.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner — My oh my, I must have tried 5 or 6 lower waste options (mostly bars) and none of them worked with my hair. Most of them made my hair feel waxy. As if I ran a candle through my hair. Others didn’t feel like they actually cleaned my hair. 
  • Lotion — I made a hand cream out of shea and cocoa butter, I also tired using coconut oil. Both of these things are too oily. I spent years trying to find the perfect lotion that wasn’t too oily, or too thick, and I’ve been using that lotion for years. I can’t let it go. 
  • Toilet Paper — I’m sure this one is quite obvious for most people. But there is no world in which I would give up my toilet paper. 
  • Paper Towel — This is something I’ve stopped using except for patting dry raw meat. I can’t bring myself to use a towel on raw meat. 
  • Deodorant — This is another thing I spent years finding the best one for me and my body. I’ve found aerosol to be the best option for me and I’m not turning back. 
  • Diapers — I contemplated cloth diapers for a long time. I read things, watched videos, and looked into buying them. It wasn’t until one day that my son pooped all over his changing mat while I was changing him that I realized there was no way I could do cloth diapers. I couldn’t stomach it. 

There are always more things but those are the main ones that I can’t bring myself to stop using. For a while I felt bad for not wanting to rid myself of these products but then I realized that I shouldn’t. For every one thing I choose to keep there’s probably two I get rid of or substitute. 

You should never feel bad for keeping the things you enjoy and that help you maintain a healthy and happy well being. What works best for you and your family is always the best option. 

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