My Switch to a Menstrual Cup

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Hi friends! Last week was long, tiring, rainy, and… full of blood. For some reason menstruation is something we’re afraid to talk about. Why is that? It’s nothing we should be ashamed of, it’s not gross, it’s natural and healthy. Since I don’t think we should be afraid to talk about it, I’m here to talk about the menstrual cup and all it’s glory.

Since I’ve started my period I’ve always used pads. When I started my period at thirteen the thought of a tampon going into my vagina was overwhelming and totally not on the table for me. So, I stuck to pads. And I’ve been using pads for the past twelve years. Wow, that seems like such a long time! I never really thought to switch to tampons, I normally have a pretty light flow and didn’t have an issue with pads so I stuck with them.

Since starting my zero waste journey I’ve been on the depo birth control injection which almost completely keeps me from having a period. This last month I forgot to get my injection and ended up having my period. It was now that I decided to find a low waste solution… the menstrual cup!

There are so many brands of menstrual cups. I know the Diva cup is the original and probably the most popular. I was at Target when I picked mine up and I chose the Saalt cup. I loved the packaging of the cup and had heard good things about it. The Saalt cup comes in two sizes; small and regular. Small is for light to normal flow and regular is for normal to heavy. You’re also supposed to go with regular if you’ve given birth. I have the regular size. The reviews were all right because the Saalt cup has treated me sooooo well the passed three days.

I watched heaps of youtube videos and read the instructions about 3 times before actually attempting to insert. The instructions suggested using water as a lubricant to ease insertion, so I dipped it in water, did the punch down fold, and went for it. It was actually a lot easier to inset than I thought it would be. It wasn’t uncomfortable and only took a few seconds. The biggest question I had was “is it too far in? or not far enough?”. Throughout the first day I kept wiggling around because I could feel it. I kept fearing that it was going to end up so far in I couldn’t get it out. This wasn’t true.

Getting it out was a little rough for me at first. You’re supposed to pinch the base to relive the suction, but every time I tried to pinch it just pushed it further in. I had to pull the stem a bit until I could get it far enough out to pinch it. I thought the cup would be filled to the brim. When you take off a pad, there’s just so much blood. When I took my cup out, there was maybe a tablespoon. I dumped it in the toilet, washed it, and put it back in. This time I used a water based, silicone safe lubricant around the top of the cup to help insert. I had felt a bit dry in there during the day so I thought this would help. It did.

Switching to the Saalt menstrual cup has been a great experience and I know it is going to save so much waste from going to the landfill (As well as much money in my bank!)

If you decide to switch to a menstrual cup I would definitely try Saalt. The cup is great and so is the company! I’m not endorsed or being paid by Saalt for this post. This is just my own personal experience and review.

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